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Singapore Tourism & Travel Informations

Singapore is an island country situated on the Malay Peninsula and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. More than 10 million tourists visit Singapore every year. Some of the main attractions for tourists in Singapore are city centre with magnificent lighted buildings, temples, gambling in two great casinos, food, entertainment parks and annual festivals. Singapore is also a medical tourism centre of Southeastern Asia.

Travel Tips

  1. If you are traveling to Singapore, be sure to carry the following:
  2. Sun Glasses - Singapore is usually bright and sunny.
  3. Umbrella - Be sure to carry an umbrella in your luggage,as there is some precipitation throughout the year. However, the rain does not last long (usually).
  4. Sun block - If you plan to go out during the day time, it is advisable to apply sun block as it is mostly sunny throughout the year.
  5. Shorts/Half Trousers - Singapore can get real warm. Although air-conditioning is available in all public transports (except a few public buses) and almost all internal areas, it is advisable to carry some light clothing. Do note that some places of worship may require visitors to dress conservatively.
  6. Flip-flops - Singaporeans love to wear flip-flops. Be sure to carry a pair, just to blend in. Try sandals if you're not used to flip flops, but beware - in some formal establishments (e.g. catching a show at Esplanade) no flip flops, sandals, or shorts are allowed.
  7. Sweater - the malls and museums' air conditioning can get cold, though usually this is a welcome relief from the heat.
  8. Mosquito repellent - day or night, they're lurking. Dengue fever is a particular problem in this part of the world, so stay protected.