Review Guidelines and Tips

99MustSee! is an open forum for users to post their fair and honest reviews on local businesses, hotels, sights and places. Both positive and negative comments are welcome, however, if you have a genuine complaint with a business, we urge you to contact the business directly. In most cases, managers value constructive criticism and will be appreciative of your feedback.

When writing your reviews please keep your review fair and relevant. There is no strict length on reviews although we suggest a good upper limit is around 500 words. Note that we rarely publish single word or single sentence reviews. Any reviews posted must be factually true and must be your genuine opinion and arising from actual first hand experience.

Your reviews must not contain:

Please do not create multiple user names to post your reviews on one business. This type of unfair activity may result in all of your reviews being removed. Also, please keep your email address up to date in case we need to verify details (don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do and will not pass out your email to third parties). The use of a false email address may result in your reviews being removed.

Finally, if you have a bias, that's fine but you must let us know. So, you must not post a review if you have been offered or received a monetary or non-monetary reward or any other form of compensation for submitting a review, unless you expressly and fully disclose the form of reward or compensation within the review.